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Cyprus Buying Guide

Living in a beautiful Mediterranean island is a dream of many people who visit Cyprus to enjoy sun and sea packed holidays. There has never been a better time to make this dream into an everyday reality.

What’s more for those living outside of the European Union, having property in Cyprus offers an easy path to be able to access business and lifestyle opportunities across the continent.

Written by our team of experts, who have worked in the property industry for more than 15 years, our free, no-obligation guide provides you with all you need to know about purchasing property in the island nation.

The guide also explains the processes by which you can obtain permanent residency for both yourself and your extended family.


Everything you need to know about buying property in Cyprus:

  • A brief guide to life on the island
  • The steps to buying and selling villas and apartments in Cyprus
  • Buying Property in Cyprus – What you need to know
  • Cyprus Mortgage Guide – Your guide to Cypriot banks
  • Regulations for Property Owners
  • Title Deeds – The most important documents you will need
  • Cyprus Property Transfer Fees – Find out about the charges that apply to your new property
  • Cypriot Property Taxation – Find out about the local taxes that apply to your new property
  • Brexit and Living Permanently in Cyprus – If you’re thinking of living in Cyprus permanently then now is a good time to make the move and acquire permanent residency rights.
  • Popular Towns – Our guide gives a run-down of the popular areas to buy a property in Cyprus, including Limassol, Paphos, Peyia, Pissouri and Polis.
  • Money Transfer – One service that is often overlooked is how transferring your money to Cyprus. Using the right service can save you thousands of pounds, so we are pleased to have had the support of our online currency partner, Money Corp.
  • Glossary – A useful resource for terms you may come across in the property buying process.


We hope our buying guide to Cyprus will inform, enlighten and set you on your way!

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