Property Ownership in Cyprus

A guide for EU and international citizens to property laws in Cyprus
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Owning Property in Cyprus

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Posted by admin on May 5, 2017
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There are several differences in the laws around owning property in Cyprus, depending on your EU Citizenship status.

EU Citizens in Cyprus

Europeans who acquire permanent or temporary residency permits can register as many properties as they want in their name if they sign a confirmation to the Cyprus Government stating that they will stay in Cyprus for the following five years.

Non-EU citizens in Cyprus

The process for a non-EU citizen to purchase property or land in Cyprus is very simple and straightforward.
Non-Europeans are entitled to freehold ownership of a villa, apartment or a plot of land, the largest area of the property that can be owned is 4014m2 (four thousand and fourteen square metres).
Non-EU companies are also allowed to acquire premises for their business or for holiday homes for their directors and employees.
If you are applying for the Citizenship through investment programme, this will change. Once you are a European Union Citizen you are entitled to unlimited ownership of freehold properties. Europeans can also purchase as many plots as they want.

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